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About mammaly

What makes mammaly special?

We founded mammaly because we believe that all doggos deserve an all-round healthy and happy life. This includes lots of love, sufficient exercise and, last but not least, a species-appropriate and balanced diet. That's why our Snacks with Benefits contain important minerals, vitamins,pre & probiotics that actively support your doggo's health. And because we have developed all our products together with experienced animal nutrition specialists, you can be sure that they will benefit your dog and taste good.

Where are mammaly products manufactured?

We have tested dozens of manufacturers to find a partner that has an excellent production site and shares the same quality standards and values as we do. Because we would never put anything on a digital or physical shelf that we wouldn't feed to our own dogs. Therefore we are very happy to have found experts with decades of production experience in Germany who produce our high-quality snacks for modern doggos.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

The quality of our products is our top priority. We have rigorous product development and testing procedures to guarantee you the best quality. We are also committed to continuously investing in new technologies and ongoing research to drive improvements.

Has mammaly ever had a product-recall?

No, we have never had that.

How can I contact you?

Just send us an email to hello@mammaly.eu, fill out our contact form or use the chat tool on our site. We will get back to you shortly.


How long does it take to ship our products?

Your order will arrive within 2-5 working days depending on your location.
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, there may be delays. Time may vary depending on local carriers and customs processing time. If you still have not received shipping information after 10 days, please contact our customer service at hello@mammaly.eu.

How do you ship my order?

We send all our shipments in a particularly climate-neutral and resource-saving way with DHL Go-Green.

How do I change my delivery address?

Unfortunately, we can no longer make changes after the order has been placed. You will receive a parcel notification email from us. There you have the option of selecting a desired delivery location, such as a parcel shop or drop-off location.

To which countries is delivery possible?

We deliver to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, Norwegen, Finland, UK, Ireland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

What are the shipping costs?

Within Germany: €4.95 for orders under €49; free shipping for orders over €49. 

Shipping to Austria, Netherlands & Belgium: 8,90 €, free shipping for orders over €49. 

Shipping to Sweden, 99 kr, free shipping for orders over 525 kr.

Shipping to Denmark, 69 kr, free shipping for orders over 365 kr.

Shipping to Norway, 129 kr, free shipping for orders over 485 kr.

Shipping to Finland, Ireland & Luxembourg: 10.90 EUR, free shipping for orders over €49.

Shipping to the UK, 12.90 GBP, free shipping for orders over 49 GBP.

Shipping to Liechtenstein & Switzerland: 13.50 CHF, free shipping for orders over 49 CHF.


What do I do if I have received an item I did not order?

Sorry, something must have gone wrong. Please return this item to us with the note "Wrong delivery" and the return label. You can find the returns label under Returns.

Our Products

Where can I find precise information about the dosage of the snacks?

You can find the exact dosage information on the product packaging and in our web shop. Select the product you want. Then you can access the recommended daily dose for your dog.

Where can I find the best-before date?

You can find the best-before date on the sticker under the can. If you cannot find the date or it is not clear, please contact our customer service team at hello@mammaly.eu for more information.

Where can I find safety information about the snacks (e.g. if my dog has a pre-existing condition)?

Our products are completely safe for all breeds of dogs. However, we know that every dog is unique, with its own special needs. Therefore, in case of illness, we recommend that you consult your vet before giving your doggo our supplements. Please always follow the feeding recommendations on our products and in the web shop.

Can humans also eat your snacks?

No, our products are only suitable for dogs and not for human consumption. Please always keep the packaging out of the reach of children.

Are your products grain-free?

Yes, of course! All our products are grain-free!

How many snacks are in a can?

At least 60 snacks per can. In most cases even a few more ;-)

What flavors do your snacks have?

We use only delicious chicken liver as the base for all our snacks.

Who is the producer of your snacks and what are their credentials?

We work with a group of animal nutrition scientists, manufacturing partners and experts who have decades of experience in developing and producing healthy dog food. We guarantee that our recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a modern dog and best support their health for a happy, long life.

Where do the ingredients for your dog snacks come from?

Almost all of our ingredients are sourced from Germany. Only some essential ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are not available in Germany come from abroad and are processed in Germany. All ingredients for our feed supplements go through strict testing procedures before we put them into production. Our criteria include suppliers' compliance with our quality and food safety requirements, nutritional quality and constant availability of ingredients.

Why do your dog snacks contain pro- and prebiotics?

Pro- and prebiotics contribute to healthy digestion and promote a healthy immune system. They're designed and tested to survive the entire snack production process, right through to digestion in your doggie's tummy, before multiplying into beneficial microorganisms in his intestinal tract. We guarantee a minimum of 100 million colony forming units (CFU) per snack - more than enough for a healthy and happy gut.

Do your snacks contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colors?

No, none of that stuff. Even if some ingredients might sound a bit strange: Our snacks contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. But they do contain pro- & prebiotics, lots of vitamins, minerals and many other superpowers of nature. So they are a great food supplement for every doggo's healthy diet.

"Snacks with Benefits" sounds very healthy - but will my dog like them?

Effect and taste are not a contradiction for us. That's why we have taken care throughout the entire manufacturing process to produce healthy products without compromising on taste. The result is more than a simple treat: our irresistibly delicious "Snacks with Benefits" ☺ In the very unlikely event that your doggo doesn't eat our snacks, send us video proof to too-picky@mammaly.de and you'll get your money back. Word of honor!

How should I store the snacks?

All our snacks come in resealable tins for maximum freshness and convenience. If you prefer to store your own, we recommend that you keep the food in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place at a temperature between 5 - 20 degrees Celsius.


Is mammaly also suitable for my dog?

Our snacks are suitable for all breeds, sizes and ages from 6 months.

Can I give my puppy mammaly products?

Our snacks are safe for dogs of all ages and breeds. However, we recommend giving your puppy chews from 6 months of age. If you have any concerns, please consult your vet first.

Are the snacks also easy to digest?

Yes, absolutely! We have taken special care in the composition of the recipe to ensure that all the ingredients are digestible for the dog's stomach. In addition, all our snacks contain prebiotics and probiotics, which actively contribute to your doggo's healthy digestive system.

What if my dog has a sensitive stomach?

Causes of a sensitive stomach in dogs can be allergies or intolerances, just to name a few. But our snacks are designed for sensitive dogs and even actively support your doggo's digestive system with the pre & probiotics they contain. Our Lucky Belly Snack is specially designed to promote healthy doggo tummies. Give it a try and let us know how your doggo likes it.

Where can I find more information about the ingredients and the correct dosage of the snacks?

You can find the recommended daily dose and the ingredients on the snack cans and in our web shop.

When can my dog eat the snacks?

The snacks can be fed at any time, whether in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening or simply as a reward in between. However, please make sure to always provide enough water.

Are there any interactions with drugs?

If your doggo is currently on medication, please check with your vet first to avoid any adverse reactions. Otherwise, our snacks are the best way to support your doggo's health in conjunction with a healthy, regular diet.

My dog is very picky. Will he like your snacks?

For us, taste and effect are not a contradiction. That's why we have made sure that our snacks are really tasty. For those with a sweet tooth, we have also developed our Pure Taste Snack. Even the biggest diva can't resist it. In the very unlikely event that your doggo doesn't eat our snacks, send us a message at too-picky@mammaly.de and you'll get your money back. Word of honor!

Savings plan

How do I place an order?

Log into your account and then click on "Products" in the menu at the top of the page.

Next, add your chosen items to the cart and proceed to the checkout.

If you aren’t logged in or don’t have an account, you can access our products at the top left under the menu item "Products".

Need some suggestions? Then scroll down the page to see some of our favourite products.

Click on "shop", make your choice and log in according to the checkout process. If you need any help, contact us at any time via our contact form or by phone at +49 221 956 730 37 from Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm CET.

How do I pause, change or cancel my savings plan?

Our customer account for savings plan customers helps you easily track your orders, adjust delivery details and edit or cancel savings plans. Click here to register for an account (in case you haven't already done it) with the email address you used for your savings plan.

After logging in under "My Account", navigate to the "My Savings Plan" tab on the left. There you can see all your active savings plans. To cancel, simply click on the desired account, "Edit savings plan" and finally "Cancel savings plan".

As soon as you cancel your savings plan, you lose access to reduced products, free gifts, early-release mammaly products and more! However, we understand that it's important to be able to cancel or change your savings plan at any time.

When will I be charged for my savings plan?

The date you will be charged depends on when you purchased your savings plan. We always aim to take payment on the same day each month.

How does the savings plan service work?

A savings plan is the best way to experience mammaly's diverse range of products. When you subscribe, you receive all products at a discounted price, free gifts on a regular basis and many other benefits.

How do I change my savings plan information?

Once you are logged in, navigate to the left and go to "My Account". To change your address details, two fields should now appear for delivery address and billing address. Click on the field you want to edit.

If you want to add or remove items from your savings plan, proceed as follows: cancel your current savings plan and create a new savings plan with your revised item list.